Job Search Tips

New year, new job?

As the end of the year approaches, so do the end of year reviews and thoughts turn to new year resolutions. For many that will involve thinking about whether to switch jobs or start a business. If you’ve been in the same job for a while, you might feel a bit daunted by the whole Continue reading..

Finding work after a career break

Whether you’ve just been made redundant or have taken a few years’ career break, looking for a new job can be a complicated business these days since the whole landscape has changed with the advent of social media. There’s much more emphasis on self promotion and taking a proactive, creative approach. But well before all Continue reading..

Nail the job you've always wanted!

Rather than thinking about an interview as a daunting audition, see it as a powerful catalyst for your future. And when the inevitable tricky questions start, you’ll be ready! The book, Nail That Interview by recruitment consultant, Tim Vincent, (£9.99, Vermilion) spells out the perfect steps to interview success.   The right attitude Having the Continue reading..

An employer perspective: how do we view professional qualifications and certifications?

From an employer perspective how do we view professional qualifications and certifications? Professional qualifications/certs – what do we mean by this? What does this cover? Why are they important to us as an employer? How do we support people in developing these? The UK is an increasingly service based economy across a broad range of Continue reading..

Starting the new year as you mean to go on

For many, a new year gives the opportunity for a fresh start. New Year’s resolutions lead us to down the “new year, new me” trail of thought that allow us to become motivated to achieve new goals and dreams. To help kick start your job and career drive this year, leading job board CV-Library have Continue reading..

Are the Winter blues colouring your job aspirations?

January is one of the bleakest months of the year – the mornings are still dark as you leave for work and the sun disappears again over the horizon as early as 4pm, before you’ve even thought about shutting down your PC and heading home.  What’s more, the Christmas festivities are over and there are Continue reading..

Career mapping – Getting on the right ladder

I’m sure you will have heard a thousand times from parents, teachers and other wise advisers, all about the importance of career planning. If you are one of the lucky few, this will prove easy. You will have known where you wanted to go ever since you were born, and can very clearly see the Continue reading..

How your smartphone can help your job hunt and career

The capabilities of technology gets more impressive every day, with devices such as laptops, tablets and smartphones making all aspects of our day to day lives easier and easier. With smartphones usage rising (forecasts say there will be a 17% increase in users by the end of year compared to 2012*), they’re becoming a useful Continue reading..

The most unusual seasonal jobs

Winter is a wonderful time of year, full of opportunities, goodwill and festive cheer. For some though, merely pulling out the Christmas CDs and putting up tinsel isn’t enough. This is the busiest time of year for many industries, and for seasonal workers, it’s a great opportunity to get cracking and get some extra money Continue reading..

Job applications: Online vs Face to Face

Job listings have changed considerably since the days of newspaper classified ads. With online CV’s and profiles becoming increasingly popular, you can now apply for hundreds of jobs at a time with the click of a button, without meeting anyone until the interview process begins, if it does at all. Online applications are incredibly fast, Continue reading..