Job Search Tips

Jobseekers are investing in the interview process more than ever before

Research from shows that the average jobseeker is willing to travel up to 72 miles to attend a job interview. The research also shows that jobseekers are willing to spend more time preparing for interviews than they have in previous years, with 44% of jobseekers spending more than two hours preparing for each interview, Continue reading..

Graduates: 4 easy ways to improve your job prospects

The search for a graduate job, internship or placement is no walk in the park. If you’re working while you look for an elusive graduate role life can be a tad tedious. The routine of work followed by searching for a job is monotonous, unrewarding and tiring. Meanwhile if you haven’t got a job you Continue reading..

Strength in numbers: the top ten fastest growing sectors for jobs

As we’re halfway through 2013 it’s the perfect time to review the job market and take a look at what sectors are offering the most opportunities. CV-Library has over 70,000 live jobs on their site and the team work with recruiters from 70 different sectors. They’ve taken a closer look at which sectors are booming Continue reading..

When choosing your career: think outside the box

Choosing your career is one of the most important things you will do. When you’re at the stage of thinking “what do I want to do with my life?” it’s easy to be a little overwhelmed. There are so many different career paths out there, half of which you probably hadn’t heard of whilst at Continue reading..


Interview red flags

With the economy in its current state, many people can’t afford to be too picky when it comes to job offers. However, it’s not enough to impress the interviewer, the candidate should be impressed too! There are a few warning signs you should be looking out for when you’re interviewing for a job, and sometimes Continue reading..

How to turn redundancy into a positive

So, you’re facing redundancy or have already been made redundant. I expect you are feeling worried, despondent and depressed, but that’s only natural. However, turn it into a positive and you can use this golden opportunity to take the time to really think about what direction you want your career to go. What do you Continue reading..