Pg 191 Helping Hand

Helping Hand

Working for a charity can provide great job satisfaction and better renumeration than you’d think! In a world where success is often measured by salary, working for a charity can give you a different viewpoint. Not only are charity jobs as well rewarded as any other, you also get the chance to make a difference Continue reading..

Pg 70-71 Time not Money

Time not Money

Volunteering and interning both involve working and gaining experience and give you a competitive edge when it comes to finding a job! For those just starting out in this increasingly competitive careers market, one way of improving your chances of bagging that first job is to prove you are employable by getting a work placement. Continue reading..

Pg 54 Experience counts

Experience Counts

In an increasingly competitive jobs market, interning and volunteering can push you to the top of the shortlist. We look at the options… You want to get on the career ladder. Maybe you’ve already got the right qualifications and know what skills are required, but you’ve applied for jobs and still haven’t been offered an Continue reading..

Pg 128-129 A good cause

A Good Cause

If job satisfaction and doing something meaningful are top of your list of priorities, consider a career in the charity sector You may only be one person, but you can still make a massive difference in the world. If you believe that, and care strongly about equality, animal welfare, or the environment, then working for Continue reading..

Working in animal care: the purrfect career?

Working in animal care: the purrfect career?

Do furry kittens and puppy-eyed dogs melt your heart? Working with animals could see you ditching the office to spend your days out in the open, tending to animals of all shapes and sizes. Fancy swapping the desk for a dog lead? Here’s how… Life as an animal care worker An animal care worker is Continue reading..