Starting the new year as you mean to go on

By J&C Team

For many, a new year gives the opportunity for a fresh start. New Year’s resolutions lead us to down the “new year, new me” trail of thought that allow us to become motivated to achieve new goals and dreams.

To help kick start your job and career drive this year, leading job board CV-Library have put together some tips on how to start 2014 as you mean to go on.

Freshen up

Like splashing cold water over your face on a hot day, freshening up aspects of your job and career side of life can set you up for great times ahead.

If you’re on the job hunt, dig out your CV and freshen it up so that’s as new as the year itself. From changing the layout to something clean and easy to read, to rewriting your personal bio or adding new skills, a new CV can make you feel great – particularly if you’re tired of being on the job hunt.

If you’re happily employed, clean up your workspace so it feels invitingly new. From adopting feng shui theory to ensure a tidy desk, to giving your office a new look with family photos or favourite artworks – make it a place you can look forward to visiting.

Be proactive

The more proactive you are, the more rewards you’ll reap – it’s that simple. Hit the ground running so you can either get that new job or secure that promotion.

Should you be looking for a new role, get your name and CV under employers’ and recruiters’ noses. Embrace all job searching avenues, from job boards to social networks, and get your applications sent. Don’t be afraid to follow them up, either.

If you’re gunning for a promotion, think about a tactful approach to take so you can speak to the right person about doing so. Express your interests and goals and find out how you can achieve them appropriately.

Keep your momentum

Starting the year motivated and full of ideas can leave you on a real emotional high – which is great. However, make sure that you keep it up.

Set yourself targets for each month so you always have something to work toward. From sending a certain number of job applications each month, to reaching those KPIs at work, setting goals can keep you motivated and have you maintain the momentum achieved from a great start.

It’s an old cliché but the start of a new year really can mean the chance to start afresh. Even if you ended 2013 on a high, you can start 2014 with a bang to make sure that, come 2015, you can look back and feel nothing but accomplished.