How your smartphone can help your job hunt and career

By J&C Team

The capabilities of technology gets more impressive every day, with devices such as laptops, tablets and smartphones making all aspects of our day to day lives easier and easier.

With smartphones usage rising (forecasts say there will be a 17% increase in users by the end of year compared to 2012*), they’re becoming a useful tool for most things – one of which being job and career progression.

Leading job board CV-Library take a look at how smartphones can help your job hunt and career.


Do everything ‘on the go’

Thanks to our desire for convenience, smartphones the size of your hand now do everything that was once only doable on a computer the size of your house. So much so that there’s very little smartphones can’t do.

If you’re looking for work, you can do almost all aspects of the job hunt from a smartphone device – even your job interview, with your interviewee on the other end of the phone line or video call. This is the same if you’re in work and are looking to develop your career. Video calls or hangouts and synced email accounts mean you can do business wherever you area so you never miss a deadline or important decision.

Make use of apps

Apps are arguably the core of ‘on the go’ smartphone behaviour. Quick to download and often free, mobile apps have fast become the stand out feature of smartphones. They provide quick access to feature-heavy tools that can help us complete everyday tasks that were once only doable from desktop computers.

When it comes to your job hunt, many major job boards have free apps that you can download and use to search and apply to jobs no matter where you are. There are also document editing apps so you can edit your CV on the move, cloud service apps that allow you to send your CV while ‘on the go’ and apps exploring key top tips and must do’s.

With a smartphone, you can carry out your tasks no matter where you are: if you’re looking for a new job, you can search and apply ‘on the go’; if you’ve got key tasks and decisions to help you further your career, you can do those from pretty much anywhere.


*eMarketer, April 2013; confirmed and republished August 2013