Pg 103 Take Care

Take Care!

Working in the care industry can be extremely rewarding, But what does it involve and what can it offer you? The UK’s care sector is big business. It currently employs 1.5 million people and it is estimated that by 2025 another 1 million workers will be needed to meet growing social care demands. Areas include Continue reading..

Pg 113 Going the extra mile

Going the extra mile!

Looking for a job offering flexibility and the chance to make a difference to people’s lives? Try the care sector! Against the backdrop of a fragile economic landscape, one thing about the care industry remains true – with an ageing population, the need for care workers at all levels is greater than ever. Indeed, 1.58 Continue reading..

Pg 87 I care

I Care

As the population ages and health budgets are squeezed, care in the community is a burgeoning industry! The care industry can provide you with a lifelong career where you will be helping people to live their lives in their own homes. It can be extremely rewarding and although the monetary rewards may not be big Continue reading..

Pg 97 Should I be in Therapy

should you be in therapy?

A career offering help and support to those who need it most can be hugely rewarding! With an estimated workforce of nearly 1.5 million and opportunities set to grow even further as the population ages, the care industry has a lot to offer if you are looking for a career helping others. This profession isn’t Continue reading..

How can work best support families?

What do parents think makes for a family friendly employer? It’s an important consideration given that most employees will at some point start a family.’s recent annual survey showed offering flexible hours for full time jobs was rated the most important factor for a family friendly company, followed by allowing regular work at home, Continue reading..

Is there a solution to the summer holiday childcare challenge?

The election has seen the political parties vying for who can offer the best deal on childcare. But most of the policies have focused on early years childcare when many parents find the school years more of a challenge – particularly single parents. The lack of childcare provision over the holidays or after school finishes Continue reading..

2015: the year of shared parental leave and greater equality at work and home?

2015 sees the introduction of a new right for mums and dads to share the year of leave after their baby is born. It’s a major change, but many employers and employees are still unclear of how it will work despite employees being allowed to request it since early December. Part of the reason is Continue reading..

The resistent worker

Are you resilient? Resilience is fast gaining currency in more progressive workplaces. As the impact of stress at work becomes more clear – the Health and Safety Executive estimates it costs the economy over £6bn a year –  and as the workforce ages, there is an increasing emphasis on staying power, lasting the distance and Continue reading..

Changing expectations

Shared parental leave is coming in later next April and, although employers are preparing for it, most think it will have little impact, at least initially. The evidence from what has happened with additional paternity leave seems to back this up. Research by law firm EMW last month [March] found only 2% of the 209,000 Continue reading..

Elder care moves up the work agenda in 2014

It’s the new year and there’s been a lot in the news about how the elderly are coping through the winter. Many of them are reliant on their families looking after them and elder care is likely to be a growing issue in the UK over the next decades as the population ages. Since many Continue reading..