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How to dress for success

According to new research undertaken by recruitment specialist, OfficeTeam, more than three quarters (76%) of HR directors believe that an employees’ style of dress at work influences their chance of promotion. The importance of workplace attire is viewed differently on a regional basis: Nearly nine in 10 (89%) HR directors in the South West and Continue reading..

Interview questions

10 questions to dazzle your interviewer with

During an interview, the employer will give you plenty of opportunities to ask questions, so it’s a great idea to prepare some before hand. If and when he/she does ask you if you have any questions and you simply reply with “no” then not only will you come across as uninterested to the interviewer, but Continue reading..


Don’t pass up an opportunity because of travel

Care to stick your hand out and say: “Give concessionary passes to young jobseekers”? One national charity did recently; and then felt the backlash from older people who feared that meant taking their free bus travel away! But the notion of giving the young unemployed a free ride is not such a controversial one, especially Continue reading..

How do I avoid those common cover letter mistakes?

QotW – How do I avoid those common cover letter mistakes?

A candidate is called for an interview based on the strength of their application, and a cover letter is their first chance to make an impression if they’re hoping to progress further. Essentially, it is a letter of introduction used to highlight your accomplishments and explain why you’re the right person for the job. A Continue reading..


Interview red flags

With the economy in its current state, many people can’t afford to be too picky when it comes to job offers. However, it’s not enough to impress the interviewer, the candidate should be impressed too! There are a few warning signs you should be looking out for when you’re interviewing for a job, and sometimes Continue reading..

How to deal with counter offers

Individuals tend to be loyal to their companies during difficult times as job security is extremely important to them.  However, as the economy starts to pick up, they soon start to look for other opportunities, and employers realise that being able to hold onto their top talent is fundamental. And their methods of staff retention Continue reading..


Staying calm in the spotlight

Filling in application forms requires a considerable amount of effort but preparing for an interview is yet another challenge, since it places you in the spotlight. It is important to take full advantage of this opportunity and do your best. Of course you will have some nerves but there are some simple things you can Continue reading..