Don’t be put off – be persistent

By J&C Team

In a difficult jobs market, the number of times people can get rejected, rises considerably and the inevitable concerns about whether you’ll ever get a job enter the thoughts of many.

Facing this reality is one of the hurdles you need to overcome if you are one of those pursuing a number of job opportunities; in this climate, it’s going to happen.

So, prepare yourself for that reality and look upon this process as simply an aspect of what you have to contend with. Getting your mental state right will help you achieve success in the end – and be persistent!

Getting 20 rejections may be both concerning and even depressing but if you don’t write that 21st application, the job you want won’t happen! One tip – try and make your application relevant to the role rather than generic. If it looks like you have understood what the employer is looking for, you’ve far more chance of getting an interview. Then, it’s up to how you present yourself!

Just remember, one of the main attributes of a successful job seeker!

Staying positive is not always easy; in fact, it’s the hardest job search technique of all. It can feel artificial and pointless – and trying to stay positive and failing can even make you feel worse. But it’s critical that you don’t get bogged down by jobseeking and that employers can see your motivation.

Here are a few pointers on how to remain positive:

1. Create a daily routine

Many job seekers crave routine, which is usually lost when you’re out of work. Creating a routine for yourself will help you get things done as well as providing structure. It will also help in keeping you organised and motivated.

2. Set daily goals

Set goals during the job seeking process. For example, that morning, tell yourself you want to have sent off at least eight applications before 6pm. It’s a great way to practice working to deadlines.

3. Organise your environment

Writing and sending applications from the comfort of your sofa probably isn’t the best way to remain focused during the job hunting process. Set up a make-shift office with everything you need. This way, you’ll be far more organised and less likely to become distracted.