Interview red flags

By J&C Team

With the economy in its current state, many people can’t afford to be too picky when it comes to job offers. However, it’s not enough to impress the interviewer, the candidate should be impressed too! There are a few warning signs you should be looking out for when you’re interviewing for a job, and sometimes it pays to be a bit more selective. A bad job interview will tell you what a company is really like. Similarly, a candidate may look great on paper, but an interviewer can tell almost instantly if they are suited to the job or not. 

For candidates:

1. Bad/Non existent reputation

It’s easy to ignore a few negative comments and put them down to the words of a scorned ex-employee, but when these internet posts are the only readily available information about this company, then something is seriously wrong. If you can’t find any information about it then chances are it’s not a place you’d want to work. A company with a bad reputation might not look great on your CV.

2. The interview is ridiculously short

If you have taken the time to travel down for the interview then the least the employer can do is spare some time to talk things through properly. If the interview is shorter than the time it took you to get there then you have encountered one of two problems; you didn’t make much of an impression, or the interviewer doesn’t care enough to conduct a thorough interview.

3. The interview process is way too long

If you feel as though you have spent ages going through the interview process then it may show the employer is undecided and unsure about what they’re looking for. If after the fourth interview you’re then called to participate in a group interview followed by an assessment day followed by another interview, you need to seriously consider whether this is worth your time. The interviewer should already have a clear idea of who they’d like to hire. Although there are plenty of advantages for holding second and third interviews, if it doesn’t look as though you’re nearing the end, it may be best to ensure you’re also looking elsewhere in the meantime.

4. High turnover rate

Does everyone in the office seem fairly new? If so, this might be a warning sign. If the company has a high turnover then this might show lack of prospects and ability to progress. If the office resembles a revolving door then there may not be much hope for you in the long run.

For employers:

1. The candidate arrives late/wearing the incorrect attire

Employers certainly don’t need to be told that if a candidate is late, not only are they demonstrating laziness, but are also showing a huge lack of respect. Depending on the job role, the candidate is required to dress accordingly. To do so otherwise shows lack of interest and inability to follow instruction.

3. Show lack of company knowledge

If you suspect a candidate has not done their research, then there is absolutely no reason why the employer should even consider them for a job at their company. If they aren’t prepared to take time out to conduct some research into the role or the company they are hoping to work for, then they’ve instantly highlighted their lack of organisation.

4. Unable to recall or demonstrate ever having taken control in a situation

Often some candidates tend to get carried away with little white lies on their CV’s. However, when asked in an interview if they are able to give an example of a time their previous job required them to take control, deal with problem clients or take initiative in general, they may begin to stumble. If they have been generous with their CV, the interviewer will be reluctant to seriously take on board any other ‘impressive feats’ based on the chance that they’re probably untrue.