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Pg 248-249 Protect and Perfect

Protect and Perfect

The security industry is about much more than patrolling premises. There are many interesting roles in this surprisingly varied field. Think of a job in security and a peak-capped guard keeping a vigilant eye on a shop or warehouse might well spring to mind. In fact, though, the industry offers plenty of other possible career Continue reading..

Pg 34 Get that Job

Get that job!

Finding your dream career isn’t easy. guest editor James Caan gives you guidance on getting ahead of the game… Job hunting can be demoralising, but it’s important to remain positive. The key is to stay motivated, believe that the right opportunity is just around the corner and be proactive about finding it. Treat periods of Continue reading..

Supply teaching: the ultimate portfolio career

For the majority of professionals considering a career in education, supply teaching might not be the first option that springs to mind. However working in this way provides professionals with a number of benefits that permanent teachers don’t have access to, including the ability to work across a variety of locations and schools. So with Continue reading..

Scale Up Recruitment from Local to National in 3 Simple Steps

  You’ve got to grips with local recruitment, but as your business is scaling up, you’ve realised that you need to start sourcing talent nationally to get the best possible candidates. As an employer, you definitely have the upper hand when it comes to the jobs market. Attracting candidates is easy, the hard part is Continue reading..

INTERVIEW: John Gibson talks how to land a job in the automotive industry

John Gibson formed JGA in 1987. The intention of the company was to facilitate better, more informed employment in the automotive industry. Over the last 25 years the company has led the way in transforming the manner in which client assignments are advertised and filled.   Was there a particular event or key moment that Continue reading..

From Army Apprentice to Crisp Colonel – Andy Symonds talks careers

Having left school in 1982 with only an ‘O’ Level in Computing, I joined a subsidiary of IBM as a trainee computer programmer but after spending six months typing parking tickets into a database, I decided a major change was needed, so applied to be an apprentice in the Army.  I spent 18 months at Continue reading..

What next after graduation? How to give yourself the best chance in the job hunt

Congratulations! Graduation day has finally arrived and all of your hard work has been rewarded with a good university degree. While this is a fantastic achievement, you will also need to think about the next step in your career – and this means preparing for the often feared job-hunting period. Just like networking, interviewing and Continue reading..

Perfecting your posture for interview success

Aimee Carmichael, from recruiter Morgan McKinley, explains why posture counts in an interview situation… As a well-prepared job hunter you’ll no doubt spend some time thinking about how you’ll answer those all-important interview questions, but what you may not realise is that prospective employers will have probably made up their mind about you before you Continue reading..

The catwalk to success

From clothes designer to visual merchandiser, could you handle the competitive cut-throat world of fashion?   “I have always believed that fashion was not only to make women more beautiful, but also to reassure them, give them confidence” – French fashion designer, Yves Saint Laurent, once famously said. While it pays to look good when Continue reading..

5 top tips for working in retail

Part-time work in retail gives you valuable, transferable skills you can big up on your CV. So, embrace that shop work while you’re studying or in between jobs: it’s a great stepping stone Customer service This is vital for business as it creates customer loyalty, which is why all companies prefer you to have strong Continue reading..