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Pg 64 Hands on

Hands On

Are you keen to kickstart your career, but don’t have any experience or qualifications? An apprenticeship could be a really good option! Not everyone wants to go to university, but it can be hard to kickstart your career if you have no experience.  That’s why an apprenticeship can be such a good option – it Continue reading..

Pg 70-71 Time not Money

Time not Money

Volunteering and interning both involve working and gaining experience and give you a competitive edge when it comes to finding a job! For those just starting out in this increasingly competitive careers market, one way of improving your chances of bagging that first job is to prove you are employable by getting a work placement. Continue reading..

Pg 55 The Interview

Sarah’s top 10 reasons to join the hospitality business

It’s growing at a rapid rate and there are so many opportunities in hospitality it’s worth considering. Guest editor Sarah Willingham has been in the industry since her first job aged 13 and on the back of her hard work has become a multi-millionaire. in 2016, she was named one of The Sunday Times’ ‘500 Continue reading..

Pg 79 May I help you

May I Help You?

Hospitality is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the UK, with thousands of jobs from pot washer to general manager ! The UK’s hospitality and tourism sectors employ more than 4.5 million people, which works out as approximately 10% of the working population, according to Oxford Economics. The food and drink sector needs to recruit Continue reading..

Pg 87 I care

I Care

As the population ages and health budgets are squeezed, care in the community is a burgeoning industry! The care industry can provide you with a lifelong career where you will be helping people to live their lives in their own homes. It can be extremely rewarding and although the monetary rewards may not be big Continue reading..

Pg 97 Should I be in Therapy

should you be in therapy?

A career offering help and support to those who need it most can be hugely rewarding! With an estimated workforce of nearly 1.5 million and opportunities set to grow even further as the population ages, the care industry has a lot to offer if you are looking for a career helping others. This profession isn’t Continue reading..

Pg 107 Art and Soul

Art & Soul

Creative jobs are on the increase in the UK and this thriving industry is crying out for talented graduates! For many people, sitting behind a desk pushing paper all day fills them with dread. If you’re one such person, fear not. Those with a passion for creating will find careers out there that allow you Continue reading..

Pg 113 A learning curve

A Learning Curve

There are so many reasons to work in education – here are just a few! The third largest in the UK in terms of employees, the education sector employs 1.5million people in the public sector – and it’s not just made up of teachers in the traditional school environment. Some work in adult and community Continue reading..

Pg 148 Take it Further

Take it further

Want to inspire the next generation of young adults? Then teaching the over 16s could be just the job for you. Now it’s compulsory in England for those aged 16+ to stay in education or training, opportunities in further education have expanded. Currently, three million students over 16 are in the further education (FE) sector. Continue reading..

Pg 164 Cheers


Sociable, flexible and hard working? Have you considered looking to the pub and brewery industry for employment? You may be surprised by how many job opportunities it offers! With an average of 21 pubs closing each week in the UK, pub culture as it once was is out of favour. However, our appetite for beer Continue reading..