Telephone interview tips

So, you’ve got a telephone interview? Great! Your application has clearly made a good first impression and the employers would like to know more about you. Now you have to opportunity to build on your early success and seal the deal. We’ve put together 10 simple tips to help you make the best impression and maximise Continue reading..


Supported Internship Fair saw 290 Students liaising with Employers

West London College hosted an unprecedentedly successful Support Internship Fair last Thursday. The event, which was hosted in collaboration with the West London Alliance, welcomed over 290 guests in our Hammersmith campus foyer. Students, parents, guardians and schools were invited to spend the afternoon finding out about internship and career opportunities for SEN and AN Continue reading..

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How do Apprenticeships work for our Apprentices?

National Apprenticeship Week 2018 is a celebration of the successes of the thousands of apprentices who complete their apprenticeship programmes every year.  Apprentices from West London College have achieved a lot and continue to compete in regional and national competitions to showcase their skills and potential. Apprenticeships offer many benefits for those who choose them Continue reading..

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How to find an internship

If you’re a student or graduate with little experience under your belt – or a seasoned professional who wants to change careers, you may be looking for a way to top up your industry knowledge. Internships are the perfect tool for doing this as they offer hands-on industry experience that’s highly sought-after by employers. Read Continue reading..

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7 reasons to love the public sector

Are you considering a career in the public sector? If the answer is yes, you’re making the right decision. The public sector can be an excellent place for you to make your next career move. Here are some of the top reasons: 1. Make a difference One of the best reasons – for some, the Continue reading..

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Job hunting with social media

Social media is part of society – there’s no way of avoiding it. It also has a significant role to play when looking for a job. Here are the steps you can take to make sure your career benefits rather than suffers as a result. Social media is a huge part of our lives. Long Continue reading..

Pg 148 Take it Further

Time for a career change?

Five signs it’s time to move on – and how to do it  A report by the London School of Business & Finance suggests that over half of UK workers want to change careers but are held back by fear of failure and a lack of financial security. Shockingly, the research also revealed that 23% of professionals Continue reading..

Pg 152-153 Aisles of Opportunity

Aisles Of Opportunity

You do your shopping at the supermarket, but have you considered a career in one? There are many roles available, from customer service to management For every pound consumers spend, more than 50p ends up in a supermarket till. Competition for this spending power is fierce between the different supermarkets, all battling to win the Continue reading..

Pg 158 Make it Happen

Make It Happen

Manufacturing products is part of Britain’s history and Still an exciting and innovative industry to work in today. It’s also a growth sector, so now is a great time to join Think of all the items around you that have to be created by machines or chemical processing – cars, aeroplanes, phones, computers, tools, petrol, Continue reading..

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Site Specific

The construction industry has many angles, with a range of Job opportunities both on And off site. Take A CLOSER look… Want to be part of the construction industry, but not sure how? The field encompasses everything from design and sales to engineering, so there are roles to suit everyone – whether or not you Continue reading..