Career Path

Pg 44 Follow Your Passion

Follow your Passion!

“don’t waste your life doing a job that bores you”, says James Caan! We all want to be original, unique. The good news is, we already are. No two people are the same – we were born different and our individual experiences and culture have shaped who we’ve become. But why is everyone so obsessed Continue reading..

Pg 91 Hungry for Success

Hungry for Success!

From enjoying a skinny latte in a café to a sumptuous meal in a Michelin-starred restaurant, Brits love to dine out – and you could be part of this booming industry! Are you passionate about food? Do you love creating delicious dishes and serving appreciative diners? Could you work as part of a team in Continue reading..

Pg 98 Time Out

Time out!

Want to have fun at work? here are five reasons to join the leisure industry! Doing things you love is what life is all about, and the leisure industry is one area where your customers should be up for a good time. Here are some reasons why it may be a wise career choice for Continue reading..

Pg 103 Take Care

Take Care!

Working in the care industry can be extremely rewarding, But what does it involve and what can it offer you? The UK’s care sector is big business. It currently employs 1.5 million people and it is estimated that by 2025 another 1 million workers will be needed to meet growing social care demands. Areas include Continue reading..

Pg 113 Going the extra mile

Going the extra mile!

Looking for a job offering flexibility and the chance to make a difference to people’s lives? Try the care sector! Against the backdrop of a fragile economic landscape, one thing about the care industry remains true – with an ageing population, the need for care workers at all levels is greater than ever. Indeed, 1.58 Continue reading..

Pg 120-121 Back to school 2

Back to School!

Working in the education sector – whether as a teacher or support staff – has many advantages Education is the third largest sector in the UK in terms of workforce, employing 1.5 million people in the public sector alone. This doesn’t just include teachers in a traditional school environment – some teachers work in adult Continue reading..

Pg 130-131 Class Acts

Class Acts!

Education offers a variety of job roles, from working with preschool children and those with special needs to supporting pupils outside the normal curriculum! Choosing a career in education isn’t as simple as just deciding to become a teacher. There are lots of paths you can take, and which one you pick will depend on Continue reading..

Pg 133 Learn to Teach

Learn to Teach

Being a teacher is so much more than standing at the front of a class talking to a group of pupils.   here’s how to get into this fulfilling profession! For anyone wishing to pursue a rewarding and progressive career, teaching – with its myriad options and flexibility – comes high on the list of Continue reading..

Pg 140 Reaching Higher

Reaching Higher!

Teaching isn’t all about children. You can also pass your knowledge on to older and mature students in further and higher education! Young adults in England are now obliged to continue their education in some form – either full-time, part-time or as an apprentice or trainee – until they’re 18. This expansion of the further- Continue reading..

Pg 148 Subject Matters

Subject Matters!

What does the National Curriculum involve and how is it taught to pupils in England? we find out! Education is an ever-changing field, and that has been more true than ever in recent years. In September 2014, following a government review, the entire school curriculum was changed for maintained schools throughout England in order to Continue reading..