Applying for a Job

Pg 103 Take Care

Take Care!

Working in the care industry can be extremely rewarding, But what does it involve and what can it offer you? The UK’s care sector is big business. It currently employs 1.5 million people and it is estimated that by 2025 another 1 million workers will be needed to meet growing social care demands. Areas include Continue reading..

Pg 113 Going the extra mile

Going the extra mile!

Looking for a job offering flexibility and the chance to make a difference to people’s lives? Try the care sector! Against the backdrop of a fragile economic landscape, one thing about the care industry remains true – with an ageing population, the need for care workers at all levels is greater than ever. Indeed, 1.58 Continue reading..

Pg 120-121 Back to school 2

Back to School!

Working in the education sector – whether as a teacher or support staff – has many advantages Education is the third largest sector in the UK in terms of workforce, employing 1.5 million people in the public sector alone. This doesn’t just include teachers in a traditional school environment – some teachers work in adult Continue reading..

Pg 130-131 Class Acts

Class Acts!

Education offers a variety of job roles, from working with preschool children and those with special needs to supporting pupils outside the normal curriculum! Choosing a career in education isn’t as simple as just deciding to become a teacher. There are lots of paths you can take, and which one you pick will depend on Continue reading..

Pg 133 Learn to Teach

Learn to Teach

Being a teacher is so much more than standing at the front of a class talking to a group of pupils.   here’s how to get into this fulfilling profession! For anyone wishing to pursue a rewarding and progressive career, teaching – with its myriad options and flexibility – comes high on the list of Continue reading..

Pg 140 Reaching Higher

Reaching Higher!

Teaching isn’t all about children. You can also pass your knowledge on to older and mature students in further and higher education! Young adults in England are now obliged to continue their education in some form – either full-time, part-time or as an apprentice or trainee – until they’re 18. This expansion of the further- Continue reading..

Pg 160 I love my Job

“I Love my Job in Teaching”

You always remember a good teacher… Here, three teachers explain why they enjoy their chosen profession so much! Darren Patten, 52, is the Learning Manager for Maritime Studies at City College Southampton “I came into teaching from industry five years ago. I’d been a boat builder for 30 years, starting as an apprentice then moving Continue reading..

Pg 172-173 Ready for Retail

Ready for Retail?

The UK’s shops – whether located on a busy high street, a boutique arcade or online – offer a plethora of choices for job seekers! The British economy may be experiencing uncertain times, but if there’s one thing British people like to do, it’s shop. Retail is the UK’s largest private sector employer and generates Continue reading..

Pg 182 Here is the News

Here is the News!

Are you interested in communication? Creative with words or pictures, or both? consider a career in the media! We live in an era of instant news, digital marketing and online influencers. From print journalism and social media to news broadcasting and multimedia PR, it’s now possible to reach an audience through many different channels. If Continue reading..

Pg 184-185 Money Talks

Money Talks!

If you’re good with figures, a career in the financial sector could be for you! The finance industry is a key driver of the UK economy and a major employer. It’s estimated the industry accounts for 12% of the UK’s economic output and employs 2.2 million people. But while London has a reputation as the Continue reading..