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Jobs & Careers magazine | November 22, 2017

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Doing more than one job: the new norm?

December 10, 2014 |

The number of people doing more than one job is increasing. For some it is the only way to get by in the current financial climate. Others find it gives them greater flexibility and more independence if they adopt … Read More

A work revolution

June 23, 2014 |

We’ve all heard about the advantages of flexible working for employees and more recently there have been a number of companies emphasising the business benefits. But a recent report has highlighted the wider social advantages of new ways of working … Read More

Elder care moves up the work agenda in 2014

December 17, 2013 |

It’s the new year and there’s been a lot in the news about how the elderly are coping through the winter. Many of them are reliant on their families looking after them and elder care is likely to be … Read More

Is this the end of 9-5?

July 30, 2013 |

Are we becoming a nation of second income earners? A recent UK study by Herbalife has revealed some interesting statistics about our approach to working. It illustrates that the numbers of people working a second job are currently soaring in the … Read More


May 16, 2013 |

Lack of affordable childcare is one of the top barriers for women returning to the workplace after having children and there are few issues more likely to unite working parents. The government proposes to address the problem through tax rebates … Read More

Got a business idea?

January 30, 2013 |

From app developers to antique sellers, plumbers to photographers, every business begins with an idea. That bit’s free, but it’s also going to take some money to make it a success. And while taking control of your future and working … Read More

Take advantage of 2013’s freelance explosion

January 11, 2013 |

Whilst many people envisage their working life comprised of office work that requires the inevitable daily commute each day, there is a growing market for freelance work. Which, in many cases, requires employees to work online from their own home. … Read More

Top ten tips for starting your own e-commerce business

November 20, 2012 |

As a single mother recovering from a spinal injury, the task of finding a way to bring money in was daunting! The road from developing the idea to launch an online home and gift store to actually launching on … Read More

Take control of your own destiny

October 5, 2012 | 1

Finding a job is tough. Finding a job you will enjoy is tougher. Finding that dream job is near impossible. What if I said you could find that perfect job by starting your own internet business? But we are in … Read More

How to find a job in the middle of nowhere

September 26, 2012 |

Gaining employment can be difficult enough as it is, let alone when you find yourself in the middle of nowhere (perhaps both very literally, and metaphorically). Living in a rural area, with little infrastructure or connection to the big sights … Read More