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Jobs & Careers magazine | November 24, 2017

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Adult Learning

Learning and Training: It’s not just for the young

October 22, 2013 |

Summer is over but the Autumn winds of change could bring new opportunities. Now might be the time to start thinking about what skills you could update to help you advance your career or to find work. Learning doesn’t stop … Read More

It’s never too late to learn!

May 22, 2013 |

Adult Learners’ Week, taking place this week (18 – 24 May 2013), reinforces that learning is not just limited to young people, but takes place throughout life. It is a great opportunity for individuals and organisations to celebrate the benefits … Read More

Job search tips

September 7, 2012 |

There are many different approaches to job hunting. Firstly treat your job search as a job in itself. To get the best results you need to give your job search proper time and attention. Make sure that you use your … Read More

Boom in the IT sector

August 17, 2012 |

There’s no two ways about it: finding employment in the current climate is tricky. And so, looking to industries that are undergoing growth and are therefore more likely to be requiring employees to meet that demand, is essential. And the … Read More

Employee wanted: no degree required

August 8, 2012 |

Did you know you could grow a career in law or become an accountant without a university degree? Well you can! And whilst for many years, university was seen as the only way to gain an education and a top … Read More

Want to get a job but have little experience?

July 23, 2012 |

So you’re going for your first job or are looking to change careers but you feel that you don’t quite have all the experience that you believe other candidates will have. What can you do to help yourself to get … Read More

Do you need a career development loan?

June 7, 2012 |

Whether you’re looking to improve your skills set to progress your career, or retrain to help you get back into work, it’s likely that you’ll need some financial backing behind you first. Well, this is where a Professional and Career … Read More

Changing your career

May 28, 2012 |

Caroline Parker was born and bred a farmer, but the hours are long and arduous so, after having children, she made a dramatic switch to accountancy. She now combines that with her farming experience.

Having children brings up huge … Read More

Get the spring back in your step

April 25, 2012 |

As the days get longer, the nights lighter and the air gets that wonderful hint of sunshine back into it, many of us start thinking about trying out new ventures or dusting off the goals for the new year that … Read More

Grow your skills

April 11, 2012 |

Keeping your skills up to date and brushing up on the latest industry specific knowledge and trends will always help your cause when it comes to securing a job or re-entering the workforce. Many people shy away from training and … Read More