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Jobs & Careers magazine | November 18, 2017

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general manager | wagamama | london

  • On November 21, 2014

being the general manager of a wagamama restaurant is about being the person who galvanises performance. being the person who inspires the team. being the person who champions the creation of fabulous food from the kitchen. it means being the one who articulates and communicates the wagamama values. being the one who ensures we produce customer experiences that are as distinctive, individual and memorable as our food

you will probably already have managerial experience in a branded, fast-paced restaurant. even so, you’ll quickly find that wagamama is a pretty unique place. we empower our people to achieve great things, giving you the freedom to be yourself while at the same time enjoying the support to develop a brilliant team and shape a brilliant restaurant. we expect – let’s be honest, we demand – the highest standards but we’ll also do everything in our power to help you achieve your professional goals

wagamama has built a brand that people admire by being true to our principles. at the heart of what we do is a promise to treat our employees like our customers – with respect. we believe in being honest, brilliant and different. we thrive on being creative, individual and uncomplicated. it doesn’t matter to us what you look like or where you’re from. in fact, we love people who have the confidence to be themselves and think for themselves

after all, interesting people make interesting restaurants


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