About Uniqlo

About Uniqlo

Uniqlo is a fast-moving company. Starting with the one store in Japan in 1948, the company opened it’s first international operation in the UK in 2001. There are now 11 UK stores, 46 across Europe and around 2,000 worldwide.

The company’s online business began in 2007 and now attract millions of customers a year. Uniqlo is famous for it’s high quality product at affordable prices, creating high-perfromance clothing such as heat-tech (ultra thermal), blocktech (waterproof) and ultra light down jackets.

Uniqlo’s staff aren’t ones to stand still either. The company’s unique career path means you can be promoted from customer adviser to senior customer adviser in just three months, and from there to supervisor in another three. You can be ready for assistant manager six months later.


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