Young, bright and contemplating a career change? Consider tech

By J&C Team


The latest research from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) makes for grim reading. If their findings are correct, young graduate job hunters can expect a 2-3 year wait to get their foot in the door at a position suited to their qualification – but for today’s technophiles, the future’s never been brighter.


The actual number is 7. You are a lucky number 7 times more likely to find employment as a tech graduate than any other. Whilst this might seem shocking in a time of economic downturn and austerity, the UK tech market is thriving. Its worth is valued somewhere between 80 and 100 billion GBP which is rivalled only by the UK’s financial services industry – an internationally renowned and powerful industry that has propelled the UK to global leader.


So it comes as no surprise that Campus Party, Europe’s biggest technology festival (hailed as ‘Glastonbury for Geeks’) pitched up home in London this year. More still, they’ve teamed up with Enternships, a UK based company specialising in breaking down the tech barriers to get young technophiles into start up positions. And it looks like Enternships are taking their role seriously, punching a heavy artillery of career opportunities from a range of digital companies – between them offering over 250 jobs to UK graduates. The main chunk of these roles comes from Powa, who worldwide will be offering 450 jobs in total across various departments.


For Powa’s CEO, multi-award winning entrepreneur Dan Wagner, it’s a mission to be accomplished both within Powa and the UK as a whole if his organisation Enterprising Britain is anything to go by. Enterprising Britain campaigns for tech companies to have the financial and legal freedom to reach their full potential and the nation’s as a whole “The mobile commerce sector is going through a very exciting time of growth as consumers radically change the way they engage with retailers. There are some very exciting career opportunities available for people who want to maximise their potential and grow with their company”.


Of course Powa, isn’t the only one. Ladbrokes, Blackberry, Barclays, Paddy Power, Go Think Big and Microsoft are all here to find those shining lights in tech, doors opened, glass ceilings shattered. And with odds like that, it might just be the kind of gamble you won’t need a pokerface for.


Author: Coco Khan