Seven signs that it’s time to find a new job

By J&C Team

Seven signs that it’s time to find a new job

Career satisfaction is important to everyone. Let’s face it, we spend the majority of our lives working, so why not do that in a place where you feel like you are learning, growing and ultimately going places?

The truth is, it’s too easy to become settled in a role that isn’t fulfilling. You get used to your surroundings, the people are familiar and have learnt which place does the best burrito – however, where is it taking you in the long run?

Here are seven tell-tale signs that it could be time to quit your job and take that leap into a new career!

Your position is stagnant

If you’ve been in the same position at your job for years, with no promotion prospects or recognition for your work, it could be time to look elsewhere. Your hard work should be appreciated and celebrated, giving you the chance to flourish and grow.

Not learning anything new

You should be challenged at work and be regularly developing new skills. If you feel your learning and development has come to a halt, it might be time to move on. It could be a case of discussing training opportunities with your line manager first. If nothing comes of this then you know it’s time to look elsewhere.

Your health

If your job is taking a toll on your health, it’s definitely time to quit! Health issues caused from work can include stress, anxiety, exhaustion and depression.

You should be in a position where you can have the right work/life balance. No job is worth jeopardising your wellbeing – remember that!

You’re procrastinating

We all do it from time to time, but when procrastination is taking up more time than your actual job, alarm bells should be ringing.

You should be doing work that engages, motivates and keeps you busy – not taking the 100th quiz of the day on Buzzfeed to find out which potato you are!

Constantly venting

Are you constantly venting to other colleagues and friends/family (or anyone who will listen for that matter!) about how much you hate your job?

Well, it’s time to nip that in the bud before you drive yourself crazy. Not only is this bad for your own wellbeing, it’s also bad for the morale of others around you – especially your colleagues.

No feedback

If you’re not being provided with any feedback (good or bad – there’s nothing wrong with constructive criticism!) then how are you supposed to build on your strengths and address your weaknesses?

The best managers are the ones who are engaged with your career development and regularly offer advice and guidance—and if yours doesn’t, you owe it to yourself to look elsewhere.

Trust your gut

Trust your gut feeling! It could be the company culture that’s getting you down, the people your work with or the overall working environment. Whatever the reason, nobody knows you like you know yourself, so if you feel as though it’s time to leave, be true to yourself and search for your happiness!

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