The Apprentice Blog

By J&C Team

Hi, and thanks for reading my very first Apprentice Blog! Norbert Dentressangle Logistics is launching its first nationwide apprenticeship scheme and I wanted to use this blog to tell you all about it – both before and during the first 12 months of our scheme.

I guess the natural place to start is by asking ‘what is an apprenticeship scheme?’ Ultimately, an apprenticeship gives you the opportunity to work for a real employer, earn a real salary and gain a real qualification, all while gaining valuable workplace skills and life experience. It’s open to anyone over the age of 16 and initially we’ll be offering apprenticeships in Storage and Warehousing and Traffic Office, which are both nationally recognised qualifications.

The next question to answer is ‘why are we launching this scheme?’ The short answer is: we know our people are our future, whether they are graduates, management or, indeed, school leavers, everyone has a part to play in our future success. The long answer is: Our graduate scheme is really successful, but what about those that don’t go to university? There is a wealth of undiscovered, talent out there, eagerly waiting to be snapped up, yet sometimes, because they don’t possess a degree, they can be overlooked. This is why I’m delighted we’re embracing them at ND. After all, our motto is ‘you grow, we grow’ – the more you develop your skills, the better we are as a company.

A great thing about taking on apprentices is that it’s a win-win situation. Our apprentices get the chance to earn while they learn and build a career within Norbert Dentressangle, while the company gets the opportunity to shape a thriving future with the best talent around.

I’m relishing the opportunity to work with our apprentices over the next 12 months, helping their careers flourish and watching them move onto bigger and better things within Norbert Dentressangle.

We aim to take on more than 300 apprentices this year across more than 40 sites, which means an incredibly busy year for me and the project team, but don’t worry – I plan to update you along the way!

If you know of anyone who’d be interested in joining Norbert Dentressangle as an apprentice or have any questions please email me

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