Site Specific

By J&C Team

The construction industry has many angles, with a range of Job opportunities both on And off site. Take A CLOSER look...

Want to be part of the construction industry, but not sure how? The field encompasses everything from design and sales to engineering, so there are roles to suit everyone – whether or not you want to get your hands dirty. There are also plenty of self-employed opportunities, so it’s a great industry for self-starters.

Project Manager

If you’re super-organised and good at managing people, budgets and schedules, this is for you. You’re the one managing the site, making sure the tradespeople and materials turn up on time.

It can be stressful, but very rewarding. You can earn from £25,000 to £50,000 a year, or more for freelance jobs –usually between 15% and 30% of the project costs.


Timber frame and kit homes are growing in popularity in the UK, so carpentry is a good area to move into right now. You will be responsible for all the woodwork on the project, so this could include the frame, roof struts, flooring, doors, window frames, and so on. You can earn £14,000 upwards.


Applying plaster on internal walls and ceilings, ready for decorating, is a skilled job and much in demand.

You could be working for individual homeowners or on large-scale housing developments. To get started, you can do an apprenticeship or work as a Plasterer’s mate and learn on the job. You can earn £17,500-£25,000 or more, particularly if you specialise in ornate plaster work.


You’ll need a head for heights, and be fit and strong. Most people start by labouring with a roofing team and learn as they go. Starting earnings are £13,000-£15,000 a year, but this can rise to more than £30,000 with experience.

Structural Engineer

This important technical job involves working closely with clients, Architects and Contractors early on in the building design process. Structural Engineers are responsible for making sure buildings are fit for purpose and don’t fall down.

You can enter as a Technician with a national diploma, but you would normally also need a degree in engineering. Salaries start at £18,000-£23,000 or so, however, Engineers can earn more than £50,000 once they have experience.

Sales Manager

This could involve selling a product that is used in construction, for example timber frame kit homes, to buyers across the UK. You’ll work for one company, selling either to home building organisations or self-builders. You’ll be office based, but may also need to travel. Expect to earn from £20,000 plus bonuses.

Builders’ Merchant

To sell building and do-it-yourself products to the building trade and the general public, you will need to be good with people and have a head for figures.

Previous experience in construction, warehousing or retail would be helpful, but is not essential as long as you are willing to learn about the products you are selling.

You’ll generally work set hours on a rota basis, which may include weekends. Expect to earn upwards of £14,000 a year.


Although you will often work on site with the Project Manager, much of your work will be completed before the build even starts. You’re responsible for the design of the building, the landscaping and fulfilling client and council demands.

To be fully qualified, you’ll need to do five years’ university-level study on a course that is recognised by the Architects Registration Board (ARB) and then work professionally for two years. Once registered, you can earn from £30,000-£34,000 a year, rising with experience.