Preparation, Passion and Posture

By J&C Team

Regardless of your interview experience, sitting in the hot seat can be a nerve-wracking time. Worrying that you’ll make a good personal impression as well as efficiently citing your professional ability is enough to make anyone shake.


Using time wisely in the lead up to your interview is critical. This is your time, use it well.

There’s little point in turning up if you’re scruffy or late. Dress to impress. Tatty clothes or a combination of clashing colours may get you remembered but make sure it’s for the right reasons. The likelihood is that you’ll have not been to the interview location before, plan your route and back time it, make sure you’re there on time, preferably 10 minutes early.

Research the organisation extensively. Companies will often talk publically about what they do and their successes. Be prepared to search newspapers, the internet, the role specification and other sources to learn as much as you can. This process often cements (or not) your desire to work for the organisation.

Think of ways to link your experience and skills to particulars within the role. Anticipate questions and prepare answers linking your experience & skills to the role and the organisation based on your research.


Recruiters will often ask for feedback from everyone who has come into contact with you while you were in the building, so consider your interview has started from the moment you enter their building.

It’s often said that people are hired (or not) based on this feedback so ensure those critical first few seconds make the best impression. Be polite, confident, smart and smile.

Exuding passion about being a Radio DJ when applying for a Finance role will possibly not win you any fans (or listeners!). Be sure that what you want to do is what you’re applying for. Passionately speaking of the industry sector, the organisation’s ethics, strategy and reputation will all make a positive impression.


Elbows on table, slovenly resting your chin on your hand is not going to give the best image you. The job market is competitive, a lot of companies will hire based on you over your skill set. Don’t look bored.

Sit up straight, chin up and don’t slouch!

Speak efficiently, clearly and with enthusiasm.

Get a good night’s sleep before and make sure you’re fed and well hydrated.

Breathe! Take a breath before answering a question – don’t waste time but use it wisely to formulate the best answer.