New Year, New Career

By J&C Team

The turning of a new year is often when people make resolutions to change jobs but it is not always clear what options they may have.  The Film & TV industry has a whole host of possible career paths that might surprise you; from storyboard artists to subtitlers, accountants and publicists.


Careers in the film industry

There are literally hundreds of different jobs in the UK film industry, each one requiring a unique combination of specialist skills. The film industry divides itself into five sectors:

  • Development – the writing, packaging and financing of film ideas and scripts.
  • Production – the process of setting up and shooting every scene in a film.
  • Post Production – where all these shots are assembled, treated and mixed into a finished product.
  • Distribution – the process of selling this product to audiences, via the cinemas, retailers and rental firms.
  • Exhibition – the cinemas which screen the film for the general public.

The majority of jobs in the UK film industry are found within the production sector. The first decision that faces anyone wanting to work in film production is actually: which department do I want to work in?  Work out if this is the right industry for you and then you can explore the options.  You can discover what these jobs entail from Creative Skillset’s film job profiles.


Careers in the TV industry

Television is the mass media of the present time, reaching tens of millions instantly with sound and images, seeking to inform, educate and entertain.

The pressure is definitely on, many different teams work together to incredible deadlines to make it all happen. But who does what, what comes first? There is a huge array of jobs in the TV industry within art & design, hair & make-up, to camera, lighting and production departments.  Find out more about careers in the TV industry.


The role of a Runner

The concept of the Runner started in the film industry where general assistants were required to run errands and make themselves useful around large sets.

Runners still play a key part on a feature film team but the role has spread across other sectors, where there are many different types of Runners. Employers regard working as a Runner as vital entry-level experience, since it demands that the person is able to work flexibly and think on their feet to help ensure that the creative team operates smoothly.

There are Runner roles across all of the Creative Industries including film, TV and radio, animation and more. Learn more about the role of a Runner.


Careers in facilities

Approximately 10% of the creative media industries work in facilities. It is a vast sector and includes the following areas:

  • Post production;
  • Special physical effects;
  • Studio & equipment hire;
  • Outside broadcast;
  • Processing laboratories;
  • Transmission;
  • Manufacture of AV equipment; and
  • Other services for film and TV, which includes make-up, set building, location services and archives / libraries.

Like the majority of the creative media industries, facilities is undergoing change and development with new technologies. Audiences are demanding a higher level of interactivity, quality and accessibility of information. Find out more about a career in facilities.

If film & TV isn’t your thing there lots more career options available in the Creative Industries covering fashion and textiles, advertising and marketing communications, animation, games, and much more. Check out Creative Skillset’s website for a whole range of job profiles from the creative sector.