Jobs & Careers with Sarah Willingham – May 2016

By J&C Team

Dear readers,

Your ideal role is just around the corner

Finding a new job can be  a daunting task. It doesn’t matter what stage you’re  at – you could be fresh out of school, college or uni, or aiming to return to the workplace after  having children. Perhaps you’re thinking through your options as  you face redundancy, or simply fancy a career change.

This issue of Jobs & Careers is full of essential information, motivation and advice to help you take the next step – and we’re thrilled to be teaming up with new Dragon, finance expert and hugely successful restaurant entrepreneur, Sarah Willingham. Since landing her first job in the restaurant trade at the age of 13, Sarah has built a shining career in the food and drink sector and shares inspirational tips on finding a career you feel passionately about on pg 24. (Look out for her bite-sized gems of expert advice cropping up throughout the magazine, too).

Plus, we have a must-read guide on getting the edge on your competitors to bag an all-important job offer – including where to find vacancies, crafting a stand-out application, and stealable interview strategies (there are also tips on how not to let social media trash your job-hunting chances before you’ve even started).

And you can get a taster of different sectors in our industry guides – perhaps one of them will be the spark for a fantastic career you’d never considered before…

Good luck in your job hunt.

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