How to get a tuition-free degree

By RateMyApprenticeship

Can’t decide between going to university or getting straight into the workplace?

With more and more fresh-faced university leavers vying for graduate roles, degree apprenticeships are a brilliant way of getting ahead of the competition.

What is a degree apprenticeship?

In a nutshell, a degree apprenticeship combines professional work experience with studying towards a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree, giving students the best of both worlds.

With a wide range of companies, such as L’Oreal, EDF Energy and IBM, all offering degree apprenticeships, current subjects on offer include aerospace engineering, business management and financial services.

So, how so they actually work?

Degree apprentices are employed throughout the programme, splitting their time between working for an employer and going to university. This can be on a day-to-day basis or divided into blocks of time, depending on the programme and the requirements of the employer.

Earn while you learn

The best part is, degree apprentices don’t have to pay a single penny in tuition fees thanks to the government paying two-thirds and their employer covering the rest. On top of this, they are paid a proper salary from day one, with reporting that the average degree apprentice starts on £18,860.

In comparison, a typical full-time university student pays a minimum of £9,000 a year to attend university, lives off frozen pizzas for three years, and typically leaves university with a debt of £50,000.

It’s a no-brainer really.

Degree apprentices are highly employable

A degree apprenticeship is a marvellous opportunity to get a debt-free degree that has been specifically designed to give you the skill set you need to succeed in your chosen field.

Each scheme is curated by the employer to mould apprentices into highly employable professionals by ensuring they develop industry-relevant skills, as well as giving them the support and mentoring they need to flourish within the business.

What’s more, after funding their degree, paying a competitive salary and training them for the duration of the scheme, employers are very likely to offer a permanent job to those apprentices who impress them. In fact, a whopping 77% of apprentices stay on with the same employer, with 46% receiving a pay rise.

Degree apprenticeships are a real game-changer. So head over to to start applying today.

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