Get Support at Work

By Remploy

Remploy helps over 9,000 people in work struggling with their mental health

Remploy, the leading provider of employment and skills support for people with disabilities and health conditions, has now helped over 9,000 people struggling with mental ill health to stay in work through a specialist workplace support programme across the UK.

The Access to Work Workplace Mental Health Support Service, delivered by Remploy on behalf of the Department for Work & Pensions, provides free and confidential support to anyone with mental health problems which are threatening their job or psychological wellbeing.

Success rate

The service is delivered by a team of trained and experienced professionals and has achieved a 93% success rate of people retaining their employment. In addition, Remploy offers a support service for apprentices who find that their mental health is a barrier to them completing their training.

Greg McGahan, 44, from Hyde in Manchester, used the Workplace Mental Health Support Service while he was struggling with mental health issues and trying to balance his work and family life. With several major changes at work and what felt like an unmanageable workload, Greg began to show signs of stress and was unsure of his future.

“When I first contacted Remploy, I’d been off work for a month due to stress,” he says. “I was thinking about leaving my job but, with my marriage already under strain, I didn’t want to lose my house and – more importantly – my family.”

Putting a plan in place

Greg worked with his Remploy coach to identify coping strategies, put reasonable adjustments in place with his employer, and create a tailored work plan.

“I’ve a settled working life again now and a positive outlook,” says Greg. “My coach’s support and assistance were priceless. Remploy has enabled me to feel comfortable in my workplace again and I’m forever grateful.”