Discover MoD careers with Welbeck Defence Sixth Form College

By J&C Team

Welbeck is the place where learning meets adventure and engineers meet their future!

Welbeck is a unique sixth form college that prepares young people for an amazing career as an engineer.

Of course there are military routes through Welbeck, but not many people know that Welbeck has a civilian route too. This route leads to an amazing career as a civilian engineer, working within the Ministry of Defence (MoD) Defence Engineering and Science Group (DESG).

You can apply to join the civilian MoD DESG route of Welbeck Defence Sixth Form College simply by completing the application process through this link: This link also provides you with exciting details about your future career as an engineer in the MoD DESG, and you can look around the website to find out more about the amazing Welbeck Defence Sixth Form College!

Welbeck is one of the most successful sixth forms in the country. Around 80% of the students at Welbeck are from a State school background.

Welbeck concentrates on mathematics and science based subjects, preparing students for engineering and science degrees leading to exciting engineering roles.

You could be joining Welbeck in September 2014!

Remember, the closing date for applications is 21/03/2014 for the civilian route through Welbeck Defence Sixth Form College.

The Defence Engineering & Science Group (DESG) is the community of 9,000 professional engineers and scientists working within MoD Civil Service to equip and support the UK Armed Forces with state of the art technology. We are truly the force behind the forces. Welbeck forms the first step towards a career within the DESG. Our Civil Service Welbexians are expected to transfer to the Defence Technical Undergraduate Scheme (DTUS) to study for an approved degree and will receive an annual bursary plus paid summer placements. Following graduation you will join the MoD on the prestigious MoD Defence Engineering and Science Graduate Scheme.