Life as a Trainee Merchandiser at Next…

By Next

Name Ben Sinclair

Role Trainee Merchandiser – Men’s Formal

University University of Leicester

Course Economics

I wanted to be able to use my analytical and business knowledge to challenge myself in a very hands-on situation. Merchandising at Next allows you to get very involved in the product you are working

Next offers training and support that is unparalleled when training as a Merchandiser. Throughout your first few months in the business, you are able to go on training courses that teach you how to use all the systems, in addition to the finer details of the product. Even as a trainee, you are able to influence the range immediately, your opinions are valued from day one. This means you soon get to see your hard work in-store and online at such a large international retailer.

Time-management, communication and organisational skills are crucial. As a trainee you need the ability to work well with your team, which will include other Merchandisers, Buyers, Designers and Technologists, to create the best possible range of your product area. When there are quite a few opinions in the room, you need to have the confidence and communication skills to get your views and opinions across. The role requires constant communication and strong relationships with suppliers to ensure the right product, arrives at the right time, in the correct quantity.

It’s a cliché, but there is no typical day as a trainee merchandiser, every day is different. The foundations of the job are to help develop and manage a successful range of product to deliver to our customers. To deliver this, you will find yourself involved in every step of the way, from visiting suppliers, to analysing the sales and rebuying on the best sellers. Being in contact with your suppliers daily to deliver the best possible product and managing their deliveries is a vital part of the job.

There is a huge amount of support to help your development at Next, from your own team and managers, to the training team. Everybody is incredibly passionate, working towards one goal, to put out the best possible product range for our customers. In addition to the support offered at work, there are regular social events organised for trainees to meet other trainees from around the business.