Are you putting your CV in all the right places?

By J&C Team

One of the most important elements to your job search is your CV, as it’s often the first thing that prospective employers will see of you. Not only does it make that vital first impression, but it could also be the key to opportunities you never knew where out there.


Alongside traditional methods of job boards and career centres, you can increase your chances of employment even more by having your CV readily available for anyone to find no matter where they are.


Here’s a list of places we recommend sticking your CV, ensuring that it’s down all possible avenues to help you find that new job.


1. Job boards

Long gone are the days where job boards merely allow you to search and apply for jobs. Now, you can also upload your CV to sites like and increase your chances of new employment. Just like you do a job, employers and recruiters can use keywords to search CVs and headhunt you for that exciting role. It’s a traditional, must-do method.


2. Business cards

The necessary accessory to successful networking, business cards are a gentle way to pass over your contact details to anyone you feel might be fruitful to your career. Whether it’s at a networking event or chance encounter in cafe, plant the seed that you’re the right person for the job by handing over your business card. Alongside your phone number and email address, think about including a website URL or QR code that will take people directly to an online version of your CV.


3. Website

Regardless of your industry, having a website or blog is great to show off what you know, do and have done.


Alongside a portfolio of your work or thoughts on the latest industry trends, create a page for your CV. Whether you replicate your CV on a web page or simply make it downloadable as a PDF, having your CV on a website away from job board accounts will only increase your chance of someone finding it. Also, be sure to include the URL in your email signature and on any social networks.


These days, it’s important to consider everyone as someone who can help you with your job search. By sticking your CV across a number of different platforms, you’re more likely to get a job – be it an instant result after being headhunted on a job board, to a slow but successful burner after someone, by chance, read your CV on your website.