LHH Penna

By J&C Team

Helping companies simplify leadership & workforce transformation so they can accelerate their performance and reduce risk.

We help people make successful transitions into new jobs within your company or with new employers. We inspire employees to become better leaders, turn change to their advantage, and move their careers forward. We help senior leaders build high-performing executive teams and cultures, identify and retain successors, and consider the next chapter of their careers.

Job-seekers – we’ll help you find a great new job up to 65% faster than you could on your own – we’re ready when you are. We’ll connect you with up to 60% more opportunities than you’ll find elsewhere. Our Senior Directors Unit advises senior business leaders on how to meet their professional and life goals and build their career, reputation and legacy. With over a thousand certified executive coaches with business experience across many industries, we’ll have one who’ll take your leadership and performance to the next level.