4 signs you’re ready for a job change

By J&C Team

Feel like you’re treading water? It could be time for pastures new. 

Generally speaking, you enjoy your job and get on with your colleagues, so it’s tempting to stay in that same role indefinitely.

But by not taking a regular, hard look at how you’re really doing in your career, you could miss signs that your progress has stalled and your potential’s going to waste.

The average person will have between 10 and 14 different jobs over their working life – and up to four career changes. There have never been more opportunities available, not to mention flexibility in the jobs market. So find out some telltale signs that maybe your job isn’t a good fit for you any more…

1. Your CV has cobwebs

Take a look at your CV. If you had to update it tomorrow to apply for a new job, are there any new skills and experiences you could add from the last year? If not, it’s a good sign you’re not being stretched and your progress has stalled.

2. You feel bored and unchallenged

It’s great to be able to do a job well. But if you can do every task in your sleep and aren’t challenged by any aspect of your role, it may now be time to move on. This is especially true if you feel you have skills that aren’t being put to good use in your current role and your employer isn’t helping you reach your potential with extra responsibility.

3. You’ve started to moan about work

Most of us go through the occasional rough patch at work at some point. But you might find yourself talking negatively about your company, your boss, or your job far more than you do
so positively. If you can’t seem to shake yourself out of it, the rot may have set in.

Being unhappy at work can be something that permeates throughout the rest of your life, so think about making a change before it starts to take a toll.

4. You’re overworked – and it’s started to grate

Maybe you’ve noticed your workload creep up steadily over the past few months? All well and good if it was something you knew about beforehand – perhaps your company is going through a restructure, or significant changes. You might even  see it as a compliment as it shows you’re trusted to take on extra tasks.

But busting a gut without really understanding why, or worse still with no sign of more reward or increased status, means you risk being taken for granted – and getting burnt-out in the process.

New direction?

Perhaps it’s time not just for a new job, but also for something more radical? One survey conducted earlier this year found 54% of UK workers want to change career, with the figure rising to 72% for those aged between 25 and 34.

Our guest editor Sarah Willingham decided on a vital change of direction when she gradually realised her career no longer aligned with her long-term goals.

‘I spent my early career working with successful high-street restaurant chains Planet Hollywood and Pizza Express,’ Sarah says. ‘But in my mid-20s I realised I wanted to create things, make some money and, more importantly, be free to run my own diary… as well as my own destiny.

‘When I added it all together I realised if I was going to be in control, I’d need to do it myself. That was the moment I chose to become an entrepreneur. Soon afterwards, I went it alone and raised sufficient finance to buy The Bombay Bicycle Club.’