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Jobs & Careers magazine | January 17, 2018

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Get a job using a video presentation

Get a job using a video presentation
Innovate CV

These days, more and more recruiters are embracing new and innovative technologies to help find the most suitable candidate and video technology is the ‘it’ tool of the moment. For example, candidates are often requested to provide video responses to pre-written questions. Recruiters maintain that this helps them get a greater understanding of the “face behind the CV”.

But candidates can also utilise video technology to make the right impression – for free!

It’s no secret that recruiters are not only looking for someone who will be the best fit for the job, but also who will be the best fit for the team or company. For the latter, they need to ensure that the candidate will fit into the culture and personality of the team or company.

A video presentation as a supplement to your CV shows employers more of your ‘soft’ skills, such as your communication abilities, charisma and personality. There is only so much that your past career and employment history can tell an employer about your potential within their company. A video could give that extra edge and also, gives you much more control over how you present yourself than in a face-to-face interview. In fact, you can even use it as interview practice.

So give it a shot! Follow our tips below to help make sure you showcase yourself in the best way possible.

Top tips for a good video presentation

  • Check your surroundings

You don’t want clutter in the background as it will distract from you and your message. A bare wall or an office setting will look best and whilst you want the room you are in to have a lot of light, make sure that there isn’t a bright light source behind you as your face will not show on camera. Finally, make sure you are in a quiet room. Your hard work will be ruined if someone walks in or shouts half-way through your pitch!

  • Dress appropriately

Act as though it is a face-to-face interview so dress as you would for an interview and remember getting dressed up fully in smart work attire will help you feel more focused and energised.

  • Don’t be too awkward!

Look at the camera as though you are speaking directly to the hirer. Eye contact is a key way to connect with people as is smiling. Smiling will not only make the hirer feel more comfortable watching you but you will also relax more and this will make you look as though you are enjoying yourself!

  • Be succinct

No one wants to listen to a half an hour video detailing your every achievement. You want to give the hirers just enough to hear something that interests them whilst still keeping them wanting to invite you in to hear more. It may help to write down 3 or 4 bullet points beforehand outlining what you want to talk about but I would not recommend a script as you want to look natural in front of the camera and project your personality.

  • Get some feedback

Don’t be afraid to ask someone whose opinion you trust to review your video. You are not the best critique of yourself, so show someone that knows what to look for and you trust to be honest with you. They will pick up on mannerisms that you may not necessarily notice. Be open to the feedback and don’t be afraid to have a go at several different attempts before you are happy with the final product.

A video is an ideal way to showcase the person behind the CV and gives you a chance to show more of your personality. But remember, it does not replace a CV so send them both together and make sure that you have checked your CV for any errors. Good luck!

Words: Daniella Winton, Director of Sales and Marketing, Innovate CV
Main Image: Shutterstock


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