Finding a Job

Pg 152-153 Aisles of Opportunity

Aisles Of Opportunity

You do your shopping at the supermarket, but have you considered a career in one? There are many roles available, from customer service to management For every pound consumers spend, more than 50p ends up in a supermarket till. Competition for this spending power is fierce between the different supermarkets, all battling to win the Continue reading..

Pg 158 Make it Happen

Make It Happen

Manufacturing products is part of Britain’s history and Still an exciting and innovative industry to work in today. It’s also a growth sector, so now is a great time to join Think of all the items around you that have to be created by machines or chemical processing – cars, aeroplanes, phones, computers, tools, petrol, Continue reading..

Pg 146 site specific

Site Specific

The construction industry has many angles, with a range of Job opportunities both on And off site. Take A CLOSER look… Want to be part of the construction industry, but not sure how? The field encompasses everything from design and sales to engineering, so there are roles to suit everyone – whether or not you Continue reading..

Pg 168-169 Engineer the future

Engineer the Future

If you are a woman, this creative, diverse and exciting industry WANTS YOU! Engineering offers amazing career opportunities and a vast range of exciting and interesting jobs, where you can contribute to life-changing technologies that make a real difference in the world. The Royal Academy of Engineering says the UK needs to at least double Continue reading..

Pg 60-61 Graduates

A Graduate’s Guide to Finding the Right Career!

You’re on your way to getting a degree, but what’s next? Here’s how 
to find your place in the world of work! The country’s top employers are upping their graduate recruitment by 4.3% this year, the fifth consecutive year in which graduate vacancies have grown. Yet despite this increase, the number of candidates applying for Continue reading..

Pg36-37 21st Century Job Hunting

21st-century job hunting!

We take a look at how you can use social media to help find the job of your dreams! Searching for your dream job – or any job, for that matter – can be overwhelming in today’s digital age. With so many job-hunting options available, including recruitment agencies, online searches, social media and work experience, Continue reading..

Pg 47 Strength in Diversity

Strength in diversity!

A diverse workforce is a more productive one. discover how employers are encouraging greater inclusivity among their staff! From race, gender, sexual orientation and age to personality, education, physical ability and background, diversity covers the myriad ways humans differ from one another. But while society may be diverse, workplaces don’t always reflect the communities in Continue reading..

Pg 33 Get The Job Article Banner

10 Ways To Get That Job!

When it comes to recruitment there’s not much James Caan doesn’t know. he shares his top tips! 1. Look for the opportunities The job market should be seen as an opportunity for you. If major corporates and large companies are letting quantities of staff go, then it will be smaller, more flexible, more ambitious and more Continue reading..

Pg 21 James Interview Header Image-1

‘It’s all about attitude’

James Caan gives his take on finding, keeping and thriving in a job 
in the 21st century! With a 30-year career running recruitment businesses, multimillionaire James Caan CBE knows a thing or two about the job market and how to bag yourself that dream job. He started his career working in a recruitment company, having Continue reading..

Pg 76 - The host with the most

The Host with the Most!

Looking for a fast-paced industry where you can show off your people skills? hospitality is the answer! The hospitality and tourism sector is one of the UK’s largest, employing more than 4.5 million people, according to Oxford Economics, or approximately 10% of the working population. The food and drink sector needs to recruit 109,000 people Continue reading..